Why and Where?

On August 25, 2017 the London80 will be set on a backdrop of some of London's most beautiful landscapes and historic landmarks. It will begin in the heart of London and head south towards Box Hill where it will jog through the pristine hillside. Just south of Dorking the route will turn and begin north towards Richmond Park where riders will travel along "The Mile." The final portion of the London80 will continue on to Buckingham Palace where the race will finish.

Donations go to the Tommy's and 4Louis Foundations. Tommy's funds research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage. They also support parents and families who lose a baby, experience premature birth and to help everyone have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

4Louis provides memory boxes for bereaved parents, which include an inkless wipe kit, to capture imprints of babies hands and feet.

We are supporting both charities because we know they are making a difference.

Please click here to donate.

16 Riders Plus These HIIQ Sponsored Riders

Gavin Southwell

CEO and President

Michael Kosloske

Founder and Chief of Product

Bryan Krul

Senior Vice President

Gerod Vernon

Vice President, Sales

Dan Jones

President, Health Coverage Fast

David Abraham

Insurance Distributor

There are a number of riders who participated in the 2016 ride across England who are also joining the London80: Brian Griffin, Mark Thompson, Andrew Collett, Jim Gilbert, Steve Nelson, Jonathan Rouse, Michael Charlton, Kieran Walker, Paul Nicholson and Nick Marley.